Charity Work

CHARITY WORK : Miss Diverse Australia will partner and work with the chosen charity organisation, locally and globally to empower and support, the most vulnerable to be a part of a change in a meaningful way. We also aim to reach out and connect with others to witness the core value of helping those in need.

LEADERSHIP: Each contestant will have the opportunity to be able to take the lead and utilise their modelling and pageant expertise. By participating in the competitions and workshops this will enhance the model’s self-confidence and allowing them to be future leaders in their own community by demonstrating their leadership styles. Furthermore, models can navigate new opportunities and overcome certain obstacles.

EMPOWERMENT: Confidence building will assist models to have the encouragement and motivation to follow their passion, culture and individuality. Models will be able to develop self-confidence to be proud of who there are, showcasing their identity and personality while upholding their values. Through different modelling opportunities, such as body positivity, self-expression, advocating for individuality, will empower models to feel socially, and culturally confident.

The modelling training workshops presented by Miss Diverse Australia will empower models to expand on their expertise. By acquiring these skills will allow models to utilise these skills to deepen their understanding about the modelling and pageant industry.

If you would like donate or get involved with our charitable works you can contact us on this form.

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