Miss Diverse Australia is a Beauty Pageant and Modelling Academy that celebrates diversity by embracing your culture, religion, individuality, building your confidence, and upskilling you to reach your purpose in the pageant and modelling industry. We aim to provide opportunities, gain experiences, exposure for all walks of life so that models can fulfill their goals.

At Miss Diverse Australia, charity work, leadership and empowerment are the core values of our foundation. Contestants who participate in the pageant competition will fundraise to a nominated cause selected by the Miss Diverse Australia each year. Our aim is to empower contestants to engage with their communities in a meaningful way by being an active leader and an advocate within their community.

The contestant who fundraises more will be awarded “Mis Diverse Australia Charity Ambassador” will have the opportunity as well as the exposure to attend various events to represent Miss Diverse Australia.

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What's next?

In 2024 Miss Diverse Australia will be launching its first ever pageant and a fashion runway opened for all states and territory in Australia to apply. Models will apply online and submit their application to secure their spot for the runway show. There will be an entry fee to enter the runway with limited spots available. No matter your height, shape, size, age, gender, culture or religion you are welcome to apply to secure your spot NOW!

The runway will encompass models to showcase the idea of diversity, individuality, confidence, and inclusiveness. There will be professional photographers’ videographers, makeup artist, stylist, designers and fashions brands.

Models will have the opportunity to attend casting for the fashion brands and designer to select models to showcase their work on the night. All models will have the opportunity to also showcase their talent and cultural attire for the runway.

Models will apply based on their age group and in each age categories there will be the top three runner up awarded and all finalists will receive a certificate of participation. In addition to this, there will be special awards presented to models on the night.

Prior to the day of the event, models will participate in various workshops, photoshoot, and catwalk trainings to get them ready for the big night. Most importantly, we want all models to have fun and make long lasting friendships at Miss Diverse Australia.




Families and friends will be able to purchase tickets online to come and support their loved ones on the day of the runway.


After the pageant and fashion runway, models can register for the pageant and modelling private coaching and online courses to upskill themselves. The Founder and National Director Tina Mukasa will provide 1:1 and online coaching for modelling and pageant. This is catered for models who want to further the modelling and pageant career.

Pageant Category to apply


Teen -13-19

Miss 20-25


Mrs-30& over

Mr-18 and over

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