Miss Diverse Australia Terms and Conditions


By submitting your application for Miss Diverse Australia, you
have read and agree with the terms and conditions stated below:

❖ Models and contestants who are under eighteen must have approval of parent/guardian to enter
❖ Note that, competition entry fees and coaching fees are non-refundable
❖ Models agrees to follow and obey with Miss Diverse Australia guidelines and procedures
❖ If models wish to cancel a confirmed booking, it is the model’s responsibility to make a new
booking and pay fund upfront via our website
❖ Models have agreed in case of unforeseen circumstance for a confirmed coaching cancellation,
Miss Diverse Australia will notify the model and reschedule a new date and time
❖ It is Miss Diverse Australia responsibility to secure a coaching location and organise a remotely
coaching session via video conference for the models
❖ Models understand that Miss Diverse Australia does not cover any accommodation and travel
costs for contestants’ competition and coaching purposes
❖ Models have agreed to be photographed and video graphed for Miss Diverse Australia for the
media, website and promotional video purposes on our social media channels such as Instagram,
YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, website and Snapchat
❖ Models understand that images, videos or audio taken may be seen in a public environment
❖ Models who pre-purchase images, will have the option to select twelve edited images to use for
their portfolio and comp card
❖ Miss Diverse Australia will mail out a USB or send a email link that contains models purchased
edited images and videos
❖ Note that, models who pays to be photographed or video graphed expect to receive images and
videos between 1-2months.
❖ All photos and video footage remains the exclusive property of Miss Diverse Australia
❖ Miss Diverse Australia takes the utmost care with respect of model’s privacy and handling photos
and videos footages. However, in the unlikely event that all the videos and photos should be lost,
stolen, damage or destroyed for reason beyond Miss Diverse Australia control. Miss Diverse
Australia liability is limited to the return of all payments, videos and photos packages.

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